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Security Bollards

Security Bollards

Do you know what security bollards are? Well, you probably know what it was as security bollards can be found anywhere on earth these days. You can find them in major roads, ports and even in public and private areas in your neighborhood.

The security bollards are basically some kind of short vertical posts used in a number of structures for one main purpose – to direct and control traffic on the road. They are installed in almost every structure knowing the fact that security bollards can effectively serve as protection systems for critical areas. It provides infrastructures the chance to create a strong and heavy-duty protection for their facilities from any possible road threats like car bombs, while maintaining freedom for the pedestrians.

There is more to security bollards than its being an effective tool for area protection. Bollards can be installed as a means for enhancing the appearance of a particular site. For example, you can install security bollards of different sizes, shapes and colors to make your site more attractive to look at. Yes, bollards come in a number of sizes, shapes and colors. So you can choose what suits best to your style.

Security bollards are also great tools for ensuring a smooth traffic. Most infrastructures install them to tell the public the right areas for them to go, where they can and cannot park their vehicles, and there are some bollards that are set up to provide the public an area to rest and eat their packed lunch, for instance.

The security bollards come in different types. Some are made of concrete, while there are others that are made of steel, wood, rubber, cats-iron, and even recycled plastic. Many are installed fixed, but there are also others that can be removed and retracted. Note that most of the bollards used in roads and other structures these days are removable. So don’t be surprised when you find bollards disappearing under the ground especially in times when they are not required.

Well, note that each type of security bollards is designed for specific purposes. For instance, the retractable bollards are designed and crafted to be retracted into the ground through a system that can be mechanically operated to create an access secured enough for the passengers. On the other hand, the removable types of bollards are often used to create an access that is more controlled. This is often used for emergency sake. The fixed bollards then are used to secure huge public and private areas in a way that is cost-effective.

With lots of advantages available for using security bollards, it’s no wonder that today bollards are installed in both big and small infrastructures. However, facilities and infrastructures planning to install them should first consider a number of standards and accreditations before they can fully create certain levels of bollards’ quality.