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Retail Alarm Systems

Retail Alarm Systems

Summary: With so many retail alarm systems on the market, sometimes choosing the right one is really a daunting prospect

With so many retail alarm systems on the market, sometimes choosing the right one is really a daunting prospect. Questions abound like, do I really need this, does it work, or does it offer the specs I need. With this article, we will carefully dissect the types of retail alarm system and some of the popular choices.

As you may have known, alarm systems include burglar alarms, fire alarms, and personalized alarms. Monitored systems are taken as a whole since it comprises if not all, two of the retail alarm system types.

Burglar alarms have been used as far as the last century. They range from a simple buzzer circuit to complex infrared devices that include sensors and LCD. So what do you need? If you plan on a smaller budget, standard cheap alarms are usually circuit breaking alarms. These alarms are DIY and easy to maintain but not entirely fool proof.

Micromark 2 Zone Easy Fit
Micromark 2 Zone Easy Fit is an absolute DIY burglar alarm kit. Very simple and easy to install with even color coded wirings to determine which is which. It also comes with clear and concise instructions, so there’s no need to call an electrician. Doors and windows are protected by magnetic circuit door contacts. Larger areas can be covered with the PIR sensors. sells this retail alarm system only at $39.99.

Those with bigger budget can choose those retail alarm systems that can do more, like this model.

X10 Barking Dog Alarm
Barking dog alarms are slowly becoming a favorite choice since it fools intruders to think of a real dog. X10 emulates the bark of a rottweiler a rather fearsome German dog. This device is also remotely controlled so you can activate it even if you are in bed. The best feature of this model is your ability to add macros. Turning on the lights for added realism is very effective if you’re away from home. Intruders will be convinced that the house is occupied.

Retail alarm systems also include fire alarms and the most common are smoke detectors. There are two types of smoke detectors, and the cheapest is the ion detectors.

DS260 Series Ion Smoke Detectors
The DS260 Series are low profile, ionization system type smoke detectors. They incorporate a separate detector & base design that permits the same detector to be used with both 2-wire & 4-wire bases. A voltage output provides the ability to confirm proper calibration after installation. The DS260 Smoke Detectors are $44.95 at

Besides what I’ve mentioned, there are others that are actually better. What you need is just a good internet browsing, or a dedicated trip to a hardware store. Always listen to customer reviews. Often such reviews are unbiased opinions to the products they purchased.