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RADIKAL RK1002 Car Anti-Theft Bar Steering Wheel Lock Van, Motorhome Security Vehicle Protection

Lorry anti-theft: State-of-the-art layout with optimum efficiency and also protection enhancements. Lighter with the exact same resistance to strikes, with opening up restriction without launching, with optional screwed glass breaker pointer as well as even more immune cover. It has actually rounded sides so as not to harm the guiding wheel of the automobile.
Quick and also easy guiding wheel lock: Adjustable retracting system legitimate for the huge bulk of lorries. It can be secured several dimensions to fit basically any kind of guiding wheel. Security lock with 3 safety secrets.
The anti-theft bar for van, vehicle, automobile, and so on can be put on the guiding wheel in various placements, making it difficult to drive the car. It obstructs the full turn of the guiding wheel by quiting both on top of the car and also near the bottom.
Efficient and also deterrent motorhome immobilizer in a striking red shade to discourage burglars. It consists of a velcro strip to save the lock as well as 2 sticky pads to additionally put them on the attaching claws touching the automobile’s guiding wheel.