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OPSOOPI Brake Pedal Anti-theft Lock

VERY EASY TO GET CAR SECURITY- There is a removable taper at the end of the automobile lock, which can be utilized as a busted home window and also protection device. Each automobile anti-theft tool is geared up with 3 tricks, as well as various other customers can closed your lock.

UNIVERSAL FIT MOST VEHICLES- This antitheft securing appropriates for brakes/clutches with elevation:100 ~ 160mm and also size:50 ~ 150mm.

SOLID ANTI-THEFT- The brake pedal lock safeguards your clutch/brake, which stops the burglar from beginning your automobile. The sturdy automobile anti burglary tool is a great deterrent to maintain auto burglars far from your vehicle.

ADDED DURABLE- This brake lock is made from hefty stainless-steel as well as never ever rusts. It is immune to spying, sawing, hammering, boring and also various other damaging devices. Effective as well as straightforward locks assist make your vehicle more secure.

VERY EASY TO USE- The OPSOOPI anti burglary auto gadget just needs hand and also foot collaboration as well as can be secured threes, conserving you time. There is no demand to flex over and also secure like various other automobile clutch lock. Easy to run, get rid of as well as mount.


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