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OBD Saver Port Lock Car Security Review for Audi BMW Ford Land Rover Mazda Merc Porsche VW Cars

This is a very easy fit option to the typical practise of prolonging the wiring/hiding the OBD port. No vehicle dismanteling needed, it links onto the front of your OBD port.

For various other cars, make use of the get in touch with kind at

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Testimonial of OBD Saver securing tool, made to safeguard the auto OBD port from breach. Unboxing, suitable as well as final thought. Fitted to Audi A5, yet this lock can be fitted to a massive series of autos.
Audi/ VW/ Skoda fit – straight web link to the appropriate variation right here

Keep in mind that i spent for this tool so this is an independant testimonial. I am placing the distrubtors internet link in as a politeness for interested individuals.