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Car System In UK Is Quite Common

Car System In UK Is Quite Common

Any car security alarm will have the following components; siren, sensors, remote control and electronic brain. In the UK Thatch am car security alarms have better security components like; a battery backup siren, high security remotes and volumetric sensors as standard.

A siren is usual method that a car security alarm notifies you of a break in but a car pager alarm can bleep you if you are out of earshot of the siren. There are two types of pager car security alarms; first is a basic key fob which could have LCD displays to let you know which security sensor has been triggered or you can get a system to send you a text message to your mobile notifying you that your car has been broken into or being driven off. There are many types of car security alarm sensors; tilt or motion sensors, ultrasonic sensor, microwave sensor, pre warning dual zone warning, glass break detector, door, window and locker switches, PIR sensors and security loops. The best car security alarms will have a number of inputs to allow you to configure your own level of security system allowing you to add a number of different sensors.

Which One Is Best Among All Types Of Car Alarms?

Splat is one of one of the most sophisticated car alarm tracker that uses GPS and GSM mobile phone network with no yearly connection fee. If your car is broken into or stolen the alarm will send you a text message and exact GPS location details can also be received by text which can then be entered into a computer to display a map and used to inform the Police. From you mobile phone you can control the car and send commands to; immobilize the engine when the car is not moving, lock doors and close windows, switch on the siren, hazards, indicators, lights and a smoke box if fitted.

For an alarm car tracker system that is insured approved you can choose between a Thatch am Q class GPS tracking system or a category 5 GPS tracking system. A Q class car alarm tracker is one that has been tested by Thatch am and awarded a quality pass mark. A cat 5 car alarm tracker has to have the following features; vehicle location system, remote immobilization and signaling system.

Some car alarm tracker systems are used by the Police to recover stolen vehicles without you having to inform them of the cars location, the Police can login on a PC and view a map. On a more basic system you would have to look on your PC and phone the Police, choose a system that allows the car to be immobilizer via text message first so that the car is stationary when you call them. 24 hour monitoring from a manned control center is available for car alarm tracker systems, you will get a phone call or text but to save on annual fees you can opt for an automated system which automatically sends an SMS text message to you.