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Car Immobilizer Engine Lock Vehicle Security Anti Theft Lock Anti-Hijacking& Circuit Cut Alarm

1.RFID engine lock

2.Lock and unlock the car engine automatically

3.Anti-hijacking intelligently

4.Circuit cut off intelligently

5.Two way transmit

6.The car engine will be locked automatically and could not be started beyond 2-8 meter

7.Approch to the car within 2-8 meter, the engine will automatically unlock

8.Only put the remote inside pocket, the engine will automatically lock and unlock

9.Anti-hijacking mode, intelligent circuit cut off

10.without the remote, even use the car key can not start the engine

11.emergency release: if the remote lose or the remote is with low power, press the reset button for 3

times and keep press the button at the third time until the buzzer of the main unit chirp 3 tims

12.very easy to install

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