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Car Alarms Offer Safety And Security

Car Alarms Offer Safety And Security

Car Alarm Acts As Safeguard For You And Your Car:

A car alarm is an electronic devise that is installed in the vehicle to discourage theft. Car alarms can be triggered by a number of things for example vibrations, touching the car or opening of special switches on the door contacts. When triggered a car alarm will usually emit a high volume sound, the vehicles horn or a pre-recorded warning. Since people are so use to hearing car alarms being triggered accidentally usually by drunken people and animals, they do nothing to prevent theft.

Alarm systems have moved recently far beyond their original scope. The quest for creating security systems that are both fail proof and able to trigger some sort of reactive response has triggered an explosion of technological breakthroughs which transform this field into a very spectacular and innovative one. Home alarm systems in particular are the ones that have seen an evolution coming in leaps and bounds. There are several strategies used but most of them rely either on the deterrence of burglars, by attempting to call the local police unit.

Why Car Alarms Are Preferred By Every Carowner:

Car alarm systems have also seen a great deal of improvement. Notably the most important addition to this type of alarm systems introduced lately is the GPS enabled devices. These ensure that even if a car is stolen it can be easily tracked. Of course the old design that starts ringing like crazy when you get close to the car is also very popular. A more recent type allows the thief to get away with the car, then after a few miles the car stops, a smoke screen goes off and the siren starts ringing. Of course all this is happening as the car is tracked through GPS. Now that is no longer a car, but a thief trap and a very good one to begin with.

From all these alarm systems available it can become increasingly hard for someone to find the best deal around. If you were to believe the ads, all the retail alarm systems are the best value, they all do everything short of cooking your meal and they will all make you the happiest man alive. Of course in reality things are a little bit different. Alarm systems do what they are supposed to do and even if you don’t feel like any danger is present, it is still wise to have them around, even if only to drop the cost of your insurance.

All Types Of Car Alarms Are Available:

Since there are so many false alarms with car alarms, many car manufacturers fit immobilizers instead. An immobilizer is an electronic device which prevents the engine from running unless the correct key is present. Since 1997 it has been mandatory that all new cars manufactured in the UK have an immobilizer fitted.

As well as the immobilizer, aftermarket vehicle tracking systems are available to buy that can enable the police to trace stolen vehicles. There is usually an annual fee to pay with these vehicle tracking systems, but insurance companies love it as they can pay out less and so your premium should be lower. Altogether alarm systems are now becoming a thing that our modern world cant live without. As technology progresses we will probably see many new inventions along the way and it is also possible that costs will eventually drop as these devices go into mass production.