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Best amp for your car? JBL CLUB Amplifiers | Car Audio & Security

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00:58 Mono amp introduction
01:12 CLUB A600 mono amp
02:04 CLUB A1000 mono amp
05:19 Mono amp measurements
06:04 4 & 5-channel amp review
06:22 CLUB A754 4-channel amp
07:46 CLUB A5055 5-channel amp
10:08 4 & 5-channel amp measurements
11:25 Conclusion

Join us for a comprehensive consider the CLUB collection vehicle amplifiers from JBL, the A600, A754, a1000 & a5055 …

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JBL CLUB A5055 5-channel amp:

JBL CLUB A754 4-channel amp:

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JBL CLUB A1000 mono amp:

JBL CLUB A600 mono amp: